Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

Well this weekend was the start of a new relationship with Sharky Bar and Local Rugby Team the Sisowath Knights.

Sharky is now the proud sponsor of the team and they were in the bar in force to show their appreciation. Not only did they show their appreciation but they contributed to a new record at Sharky.

Their 18 Motar Rounds in addtion to the six more consumed by other customers Friday night set the new Bar Record at 24.

Team member Johnny who is on his way back to the UK putting away number two. Johnny will return in April when the regular season begins.

Dan gets topless on #3

Matt downs one as Claire from Darwin looks on.

Good Job Knights. We are looking forward to the Kick Off of the season in November.

DR. JP and the NURSES

The Cockroaches opened up for JP and the Nurses Saturday Night.

With their assortment of punk tunes they got the crowd dancing and later into the act on stage.

Not to be out done, JP and the Nurses had them dancing on the Bar.

A few faces in the crowd.

The Fatboys girls after shift.

Nulen on Bass.

One of our regulars taking a break from a pool game with Pool Girl Rom.

JP and one of his former students on Rythm Guitar.

Good crowd on Saturday and thanks to all for coming in. JP will do a final show in August before he leaves Cambodia for another Job opportunity. We will keep you posted. And thanks JP for your efforts in helping us promote live music in Cambodia.

Weekend wrap up.....

Jim from Baltimore, and Kevin from Atlanta wrapping up a contract bore witness to all the antics from Friday night. Jim was leaving for airport Sunday evening and figured a Mortar Round challenge would be just what the doctor ordered to help him sleep on the plane. Jim we accept no responsibility for any missed connections!

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