Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mortar Round Night

Well by some strange planet alignment, it turned out to be Mortar round night. Kevin and his friend Tessa visiting from Newport Beach, had been in the night before and were scoping out the particulars. Kevin was ready to take the Mortar round challenge.

One, two, three. Good job Kevin. Been there, Done that and now has the Mortar Round T-shirt.

Meanwhile at the other side of the bar, Poch one of our waitress is up for the challenge as well.

You go Poch. All 40 Kilos of you. Put them away! Not to be out done by Poch, Kevin ask about the record of 8 by Mike and Dave. He's gonna try!

He gets through number four, while Poch is feeling the effects. Knocks down number 5 in pure style.

Wait he's down,,,,no he's back up and after a plate of nachos he is ready for number six. Meanwhile number 3 has kicked in for Poch.

Tessa starts coaching. Smart Coach. She knows that he has an 11am flight to catch and its going to be a rough morning.

Kevin makes the right choice and holds at five...a remarkable accomplishment, and Poch hangs tough as well. Both are still standing and able to walk down the stairs. Mike congratulates Kevin on a job well done.

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  1. always a great time when I go your space people are the best Oscar