Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mortar Round Fever - July 11 at Sharky Bar

It seems like there is Mortar Round Fever at Sharky Bar. Last night the MR Challenge was met by our German friends here in Phnom Penh doing construction work at the German Embassy. These Heavy Metal Rockers were busy consuming lots of Schnappes and Draft Beers when Mike walked by them with a MR in hand. Ever inquisitive about the Bar, and never ones to turn down a Challenge, Uwe "enthusiastically" requested to take the MR Walk and his dream came true. ( Maybe it was a bad dream for him ?? )

Surrounded by a bevy of Sharky beauties cheering him on, Bartender Malein brings on #1 MR Round which goes down painlessly. However, upon examination by the MR Chief, Mike, it is discovered that he still had about a couple of ounces of fluid remaining. Because Uwe is a good sport, we let him continue to #2 after telling him to drink a bottle of mineral water for "flushing" purposes.

Egged on by his mate Thomas, # 2 MR appears. Uwe gets into the Challenge and promptly pastes a " # 2 " on the Mortar Round itself. Down the Hatch it goes, a little more slowly than # 1, as quipped by a few appreciative customers watching the action.

Malein and Waitress Sophoan bring out the "Mortar Round T-Shirt" to give Uwe more moral support ( or pressure ) and he examines it to his satisfaction. He asks for a few moments so he can pray, and it is granted by Mike.

As Uwe contemplates MR # 3 in front of him, locked and loaded, he decides to paste a # 3 on his nose "for posterity". Then he posts a # 130 on his head as well for wishful thinking ( and probable death ) !!

Now ready, Uwe goes for it and BINGO, it is all inside of him as the peanut gallery cheers him on. To the delight of all spectators, he turns over the MR to show it is all gone. He dons the legendary T-Shirt, and sits at the Bar with lots of people congratulating his feat. Asked if he wishes to continue, all Uwe can do is to move his head up and down which looks like a Yes, but Mike decides the German Curtain has come down on him and serves another bottle of water to our friend. Thomas is asked is he would like to continue the German push into Cambodia, but remarks "another day" which is then respected.

Congratulations to our latest MR Winner - Mr. Uwe !!!

Sharky Mike

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