Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mortar Fever

Mortar fever seems to have gone PANDEMIC! Put that in your H1N1 pipe and smoke it! Local Wildlife guy Daniel dragged his brother Tyron Wolff in from Oz to take the Mortar Round challenge. Tyron isn't a small guy and was going to shoot for the record.

Corrections on the previous post as Dave reports from Some Platform in the Gulf of Mexico that He and Mike had done 8 rounds, but Paul Thomas was able to put down 9 before giving it up at the Porcelain Alter.

Stop the presses. Mike just walked into the bar and says Paul did 8 and was laid out on the floor and tried to have the waitress pour it down his throat while laying down.

Here is the OFFICIAL STANCE!!!! Since all the changes over the last year and this blog coming on line..... I hear by declare....You do 8 Mortar Round and you have matched the record and eventually we will be dedicating a wall of shame in the bar!

None the less Tyron gave it a good shot and picked up two T-shirts to take home! Job well done Tyron.

Daniel, Mike, and Tyron

Tyron after completing number 5. At ease soldier!


JP and the Nurses will be performing Saturday night July 25th. The fun starts at 9PM

Just reading some stuff on and man o man!!! It's no wonder tourism in Thailand is down. 150 baht atm fees, people getting scammed in the airport by KingPower Concessions to the tune of 7000 dollars, Shoot outs on Patong Beach in Phuket, Not to mention the HIGH PRICES for beer!

Come to Cambodia. Things are civilized here! Many carriers fly in direct and you can by pass Bangkok. Great sites, great people and great entertainment VALUE!!!

Warm friendly people here! Still genuine! And two tier pricing isn't out of control!

This is probably one of the best times to visit as tourism is down, Angkor Wat isn't as crowded as previous years and the roads in the country are better which will allow you to see more in less time!

Once you get in the country make sure you stop by Sharky. We are the only venue with 4 pool tables and Jantou below is stiff competion for you visiting Sharks.

Our pool girls, Sophea, Pisey, and Saran overseeing the tables nightly.

Once Jantou has ruined your attempt at taking the table, try some of the best food in town. Western favorites, The BEST Tex-Mex in South East Asia and a Thai menu that will keep any accompanying Tilac sabai sabai.

MMMMMM. Pork Tacos, Jalapeno Poppers, Nachos and Buffalo Wings. Well I can't stand it any longer, off to bother the cooks in the Kitchen!!!


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