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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Past Events: April 30, 2011 - Cambo Headbanger's Ball

Astronova Anti-fate
Oscars Band


Pilgrim Band

Last night Sharky Bar held it's inaugural 'Cambo Headbanger's Ball' featuring 'no-less' than five khmer rock bands (Astra-Nova, Anti-Fate, Oscars Band, Sliten6ix and Pilgrim Band).

As the night progressed only 'one word' could truly describe what was a totally captivating evening of entertainment - awesome!

A packed house (barang & khmer) were treated to a cavalcade of musical styles by all of the performing khmer rock bands.

From the opening bars of the classic Neil Young song 'Rocking In The Free World' sung by Astra-Nova - to the closing bars of the 'heavy-laden guitar riffs' of Pilgrim Band. The khmer rock bands enthralled the insatiable audiance with their varying degrees of metal, alternative, death/metalcore and classic rock numbers.

First up 'Astra-Nova' set the ball rolling with a nicely arranged set of classic rock covers.

This included a rousing rendition of 'Californication' (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) which literally brought the house-down! Followed by an even better version of the Led Zepplin classic song 'Stairway To Heaven.' Great stuff!

'Astra-Nova' rocked the house and were a credit to their mentors and long time friends of Sharky Bar 'JP & The Nurses.'

Next up 'Anti-Fate' did'nt dissapoint the huge crowd with their unique brand of pulsating, fast alternative punk rock!

Blink182, Simple Plan and even Green Day's 'American Idiot' were covered - as 'Anti-Fate' raised the audiance participation to almost fever pitch !

An energetic set complete with nice, clear vocals - concluded with plenty of headbanging 'on/off' the stage by the khmer locals 'gone barking mad' ! Brilliant!

Oscar's Band brought an almost 'an air of respectability' to the whole occasion with their opening song, a take on Bob Marley's classic reggae number 'No Woman No Cry.'

However, not to outdone by their 'heavier brotherly merchants' they soon exploded into Lynyrd Skynrd's 'Sweet Home Alabama' with some really neat guitar work! Their final flourish included a great version of J.J. Cale's classic song 'Cocaine'! Great stuff Oscar! And great vocals too!

Just as you thought it was safe to go home 'MC' for the night (Ross) then introduced 'Sliten6ix' - as the whole place just went crazy to the sound of
heavy metal hard core - khmer style!

Vanntin and his boys were on 'top-form' as they truly rocked the house with their own brand of 'hi-octane' rock n roll !

As the audiance (now a mixture of both barang/khmers headbanged down the front) lapped up the signature death metal rock overtures of Sliten6ix - there was even a 'wall of death' organised by the band's very capable singer!

This of course ended in absolute mayhem with bodies 'crashing and smashing' into 'one another' but all done with great humour and in the utmost essence of fun!

Watch out for Sliten6ix - this band is going to be huge! Great entertainers and great f**king music !

Last but certaintly not 'least' - one of Cambodia's premier heavy metal bands 'Pilgrim Band' stormed the stage.

An electrifyng set ensued - as Nak and his Boyz raised the volume level to 'mega-decibel' - much to the delight of the bare-chested 'shirt-waving' sweating fans - who were chanting 'Pilgrim! Pilgrim!' at every opportunity!

This band have been the 'torch-bearer' for progressive rock in this country for a long, long time - and their set 'doubly-confirmed' their legendary status!

Great music, a great finale and Pilgrim Band undoubtedly, the 'icing on the cake' on what was a breathtaking rollercoaster ride of the very/best in khmer heavy, metal rock and roll !

A big, big thank you goes out to all the bands that participated - and also a big thank you to Ross for his sterling work on the 'mixing desk' - the sound all night was quite magnifico !

Our first ever 'Cambo Headbanger's Ball' at Sharky Bar and unquestionably, a huge, huge success!

'Cambo Headbanger's Ball 2 ?' i think we all know the answer to that - a definate yes ! Just give us time to 'catch our breath' fellaz!

Thanx again. Watch this blog/website for all further gigs/details of upcoming events at Sharky Bar!

That's the Wrap!

Cheers Dave The Punk !

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