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Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Past Event: May 6, 2011 - Punk-A-Donna's

Last night at Sharky's we had our first ever 'Punk A Donna Night' featuring not 'one' but 'two' female orientated bands - Squishy and The Fumes!

'The Battle Of The She-Punks' evening kicked off in fine style with Melanie and her band Squishy.

The large Sharky crowd were treated to a storming performance from this group.

Melanie (as always) tore-up the stage with her killer guitar licks and gritty vocals - no to mention her sexy stage outfit (calm down fellaz). While Jet showed once again, what 'one-helluver' bass player he really is! This guy can play!

However, the night belonged to 'the one and only' Loryn on the drums - as she turned in a spectactular performance on the skins. Great stuff from the self-proclaimed 'happy drummer'!

Sadly, this was to be her 'farewell performance' as Loryn leaves these shores and 'heads off' to do other things.

However, suffice to say, everyone at Sharky's, as well as all her friends who came out to support her last night, wish Loryn all the very best for the future!

Hopefully she will continue to 'strap-up' those fingers and 'beat-the-bloody-hell out of those drum skins' for a lot more years to come! Great stuff Loryn!

Great stuff Squishy!

No sooner had the first band left the stage
and with the audiance still catching their breath - the second band poured onto the stage.

With MC for the night Ross belting out 'And Now We Have The F--U--M--E--S' the large Sharky crowd were soon back on their feet bopping again - and treated to 'what turned out to be' the best-ever performance from this great new wave/alternative band!

From the opening guitar licks of ' I Predict A Riot' by the Kaiser Chiefs, through to great covers of songs by New Order, Blur, Soft Cell, etc. The Fumes totally rocked Sharky to it's rock n roll foundations!

With Karen on vocals, Zula (guitar), Darren (drums/bass/guitar), Mike (guitar), Brian (drums) and guest bass player Marc - the band were 'on-fire' all night - as they blazed there way thru' a high-energy set of new wave rock n roll !

There was even time for Billy Idol 'look-a-like' Scotty (from The Teaner Terners) to help out with the lead vocals on 'Tainted Love' - before the end came and of course, numerous 'encores' from Karen, Zula - and the rest of the boyz!

Great music! Great night! Great performance from 'The Fumes'

As the night closed and the Sharky throng discussed the final verdict. The question everybody was asking was 'Who Had Won The Battle Of The She-Punks?'

Answer - both bands! A compelling draw! I think you would all agree!

Thanx to everyone who turned out and supported this event at Sharky Bar. We do it all again tomorrow evening with Bum N Draze (8th Anniversary Party) and Rock N Roll High School (Ramones Tribute Band).

Catch your breath - see u all tomorrow!

That's the wrap!

Dave The Punk

photos below

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