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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Past Events: Luau Party - May 27, 2011

Friday Night saw a packed Sharky's audiance enjoy our annual 'Luau Party.'

With many attending in their straw beach hats and Haiwaiin shirts - the stage was set for a night of limbo dancing, hula hoop swinging, tasty Mai Tai cocktails, great Polynesian food (courtesy of Big Al) and of course good, good music!

There was even a belly dancer ! (and 'two' if you include 'Luke' strutting his stuff!) Not quite Tahitian i know - but c'mon guyz it is Sharky's !

MC Ross opened proceedings (albeit without grass skirt) and introduced pub manager 'Craig' from Adelaide (who was just passing thru').

He sang a few acoustic numbers such as The Eagles 'Hotel California' and The Stones 'You Can't Always Get What You Want Babe' - while many in the bar were feasting on the juicy Haiwaiin spare ribs that were on special offer!

A great 'first course' and a big, big thank you to Craig for helping us out! Good luck on your travels mate!

No sooner had the 'smell of the barbecued meat' wafted from the air, the (new-look) 'Ukes Of Hazard' took to the stage.

With front-man James in top form (and looking rather splendid in his Haiwaiin cross-over and straw hat) the 'Ukes Of Hazard' entered into the party spirit with a fine uplifting performance!

With James flanked on either side by Dylan on 'duelling ukelee and crazy-sounding oscillator', Steve Goodman on 'mean rockabilly' guitar and with new drummer Stu on percussion - the 'Ukes' were in 'party mode' as they ripped thru' their eclectic set of rock n roll covers!

Seeing Steve, Packo and the rest of Phnom Penh Cobra's 'Aussie Rules' football team dancing and singing away to Hot Chocolate's 'I Believe In Miracles' was proof enough that everyone in the bar was having a good time.

Other great cover versions included the Beatles 'Dear Prudence' and even Michael Jackson's 'Beat It.' Absolutely great !

A big, big thanx to the 'Ukes' for a fine show-stopping performance - and entertaining us with just about the right amount of 'energy and fun.' Kudos to James, Dylan, Steve and Stu! Good job guyz!

A brief interlude saw 'MC Ross' oversee some very-ropey lady 'hula-hoop-lers.'

Suffice to say, customer Pisey bagged the winning prize of '$25 bar tab' with her stunning execution of 'shaking her booty' while still managing to 'down a pint of anchor beer - without spilling a drop'! Good on yer' girl !

As the next band plugged in their guitars and got ready, various Sharky punters tried their hand at the 'ol limbo dancing.'

Aren't sure who was the 'eventual winner' but judging by the noise and the howls of laugher stemming from the 'limbo arena' (off-stage), i don't think it really mattered !

There was even time for a georgeous looking khmer lady to take central stage and do a quick belly-dance routine !

Aren't sure what her 'name was' and what 'that' had to do with the 'Luau Party' - but she dressed accordingly (looked great) and even brought her own 'cd' to dance to!

We will of course in the 'interests of public safety' try to book her every night from now on!

With the arabic tones of the belly-dancer's music coming to a short but entertaining end ' MC Ross' - introduced the final act 'Astra-Nova' !

'Hot on the heels' of their stunning' debut performance' as opening act at 'Cambo Headbangers Ball' - the young French students displayed their full armoury of alternative and classic rock covers.

Infact, many of the audiance were actually quite stunned in seeing the boyz for the first time - and realizing how good they really were!

Anybody who does 'Californication' and 'The Otherside' by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers is alright by me - and these young guyz certainly didn't dissapoint with the rest of their rock-orientated set!

Displaying great musical maturity belieing their young years 'Astra-Nova' just about 'battered' the very large Sharky crowd into 'submission' with some really good rock covers.

Watching dual singer 'Loy' with his electric guitar arched behind his back - and his long hair swept back - while singing 'Stairway To Heaven' was an actual musical treat ! Quite breathtaking !

More great cover versions followed like Nirvana's 'Smells Likes Teen Spirit' and even John Lennon's 'Imagine' - only to be eclipsed by a magic version of Neil Young's 'Rocking In The Free World.' Superb !

Thanx fellaz for a great night - and a great performance ! Astra-Nova are without any shadow of a doubt - a force to be reckoned with ! Watch this Space!

Oh by the way, did i forget to mention the belly-dancer?

All this and more at Sharky Bar - the Longest Running Rock N Roll Bar in Indo-China!

Cheerz - Dave The Punk

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