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Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Past Event: Dub Addiction - May 28, 2011

Saturday Night Live at Sharky Bar saw the debut performance of the newly-formed Ragga Dub oufit 'Dub Addiction.'

And what a debut it was!

A massive Sharky crowd bolstered by many of their friends from the French quarter saw MC Curly and MC2/FX: Professor Kinski 'rock the house' with their firebrand take on Ragga Dub Reggae!

From the opening number 'Cuss-Cuss' the 'oohs' and 'aaahhs' from the female khmer fraternity (and staff) set the tone for a magical performance from the band.

In probably one of the most entertaining 'sets' seen at Sharky's in recent years 'Dub Addiction' really set the bar for this unique musical genre!

Be it, the magnificent stage presence of khmer singer MC Curly with his 'almost-rap-like vocals' or the 'distinct reggae/dub remix' sounds of co-singer the undeniably superb Professor Kinski - these boyz really know their chosen art form !

Other great songs such as 'Buzzin', One Million Man', 'Zunga Zeng' and even a German Ragga version of 'Real Rock' had the Sharky crowd 'up and dancing' and swaying along to their 'pulsating vibes' !
But 'Dub Addiction' are not only about Messrs. MC Curly and Prof. Kinski. They are collectively a very talented and capable band of muscians.

Featuring the effervescent Sylvie on keyboards, Sebastian on bass (wicked), Benoit (guitar) - and last but not least Toma on drums - this band are born entertainers.

For the uninitated 'Dub' originated from the roots of Jamaican reggae in the 1960's and was spearheaded by music producers of the day such as Lee 'Scratch' Perry.

Infact, the manipulation of the 'vocals' and 'reggae beat' by 'remixing and dubbing' the sound using echo, reverb, delay, techno-beat and other musical effects has virtually influenced every musical genre since - be it hip-hop, rock or even punk!

And if you've ever never heard of Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse, Asian Dub Foundation, Bomb The Bass or even The Clash - then listen to current masetro's 'Dub Addiction.' They are well up there with their masters!

These guyz are going to be massive - and what better way to 'sign-off' your breathtaking debut performance at Sharky's - than to finish with a dub version of the Bob Marley classic 'Exodus.'
Fantastic !

Numerous 'encores' followed - and the band left the stage to a rousing chant of 'Dub! Dub! Dub!' from the sweaty but enthusiastic Sharky crowd !

A big, big thanx goes out to Jan and the rest of the band for a memorable night of Ragga Dub at Sharky Bar - we can't wait to have you guyz back! Very soon I hope!

That's it ! Enjoy the rest of the week-end!

Dave The Punk

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  1. Yeah! Big Up to the kindest hosts I've ever experienced! Dave, Ross and the whole Sharky team doing a great job!!! cheers to the cool pix shot by Jeff! Can't await our comeback! Big hugs from Prof. K