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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

17 June, 2011: St. Pauli Football Team may have been relegated

St. Pauli Football Team may have been relegated from the German Bundasligue but what better way than to celebrate (yes celebrate !) their demise, than to host a 'Relegation Party' at Sharky Bar Friday Night !

Synonymous with the great music scene of the 'Hamburg Reeperbahn' of which St. Pauli is in close proximity - what better way to 'mark this auspicious occasion' than to invite 'Clash City Rocker (PunksNotDead) and Khmer Heavy Metal Band 'Pilgrim' to the Party !

And the Sharky Crowd - well they were just glad that they did !

A packed house give debutants 'Clash City Rockers (PunksNotDead) a rousing reception as they blitzed their way through 'twenty' of The Clash's finest punk songs !

From the opening number 'Brand New Cadillac' the carmouflaged 'Clash City Rockers' truly rocked the house !

'Garageland', 'White Riot', ' I Fought The Law', ' Complete Control ', ' London Calling' and 'Janie Jones' - were just a few of the great 'Clash' songs belted out to a noisy but enthusiastic audience .

The brutal raw edge of the 'The Clash City Rockers' was exemplified by the rhythm section that was Tom (Bass), Stu (Drums) and David Maybe (Lead Guitar ).

Infact, Tom and Stu were so outstanding that after the gig 'the accolades from 'friends and punters alike' were no more than 'each of them' richly deserved.
Tom's great 'distorted-reggae' bass playing on 'Guns Of Brixton' and ' Bankrobber' was nothing short of master-class.

While drummer 'Ozzie' Stu 'egged-on' by his 'exuberant AFL teammates and work buddies' worked the skins tirelessly with a faultless display of controlled but energetic drumming.

A great performance from Tom and Stu - and real cool guyz too !

However, you can't be a 'Clash Tribute Band' without a great singer - and in ' Ian The Punk Strummer' here we have someone 'nothing short of genius' !

His vocals all night were brilliant (daresay sometimes better then Strummer himself?) While his stage presence and overall showmanship a testament to his 'larger than life' stage persona' !

Seeing 'Ian The Punk Strummer' work the audience on 'Bankrobber' was one of those great moments that 'hark you back' to the 'Golden Age of 70's Punk.'

And judging by the amount of passionate 'Clash fans' in the audience - it was 'no real surprise' that the inevitable 'Clash City Rockers' encore followed.

'English Civil War' and 'Police and Thieves' - concluded a great opening set from 'The Clash City Rockers' - living proof that ' PunksNotDead ' - well not in Phnom Penh anyway !

The assembling Khmer hoardes must have wondered what all the fuss was about - especially when five minutes later the enigmatic 'Pilgrim Band' took centre stage !

No 'punk' for these fine boyz - Khmer Heavy Metal is their thing - and soon the 'heavy guitar-driven riffs ' of ' twin-axemen' Nak and Tom were bombarding the Sharky faithful !

'Real In The Daylight' , 'Worth Something' and the Pilgrim classic 'History Repeat' were magnificently played as the 'po-goeing masses upfront ' lapped it up in true Khmer rock style !

However, 'Pilgrim Band' have a softer side to their game and vocalist Botra was in 'fine-form' as he showed a nice melodic touch to his vocal range on a few of their slower numbers.

Not quite 'burning lighters in the air' stuff - but 'equally moving' all the same !

There was still time for more ' Iron Maiden/Black Sabbath 'guitar inspired Pilgrim songs - before they ended their set with a rousing cover of the 'Breaking Benjamin 'Song 'Diary Of Jane.'

Great stuff from Nak, Botra, Oun, Tom and Dat ! And always a pleasure to have Pilgrim Band back at Sharky's Bar - one of the greatest Khmer Rock Bands of all time !

See you all tomorrow night for Classic Rockers 'Lost Highway.'

Have to go - the $1.50 'Cranbulka Cocktails' are 'kicking-in' - and 'The Phnom Penh Pirates' anthem 'Oh St. Pauli' is the final song on the playlist !

Knackared !

All this and more at Sharky Bar & Restaurant 'The Number One Music Venue in Phnom Penh' and still ' The Longest Running Rock N Roll Bar in Indo-China'.

Cheerz Dave The Punk

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