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Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sliten6ix & Anti-fate: June 10, 2011

After the success of the inaugral 'Cambo Headbanger's Ball' - Sharky Bar has over the past few weeks been inviting many of the khmer bands that played June 30th - back to further display their musical talents.

Last night it was the turn of 'two' of those groups - alternative punk rockers (Anti-Fate) and hardcore heavy metal band (Sliten6ix) - to return back to the fold and entertain the Sharky faithful.

First-up were 'Anti-Fate' - and right from the opening bars of their guitar-driven 'Intro' - and straight into their first song 'I'd Do Anything' - Propey (Rythmn), Dom (Lead), Vin (Bass) and Jino (Drums) totally rocked the house with their alternative punk rock sound.

Infact, the singing, the stance and the 'loose-low' style guitar playing of singer Propey and the rest of the band, was more reminiscent of a 'Green Day' concert than a khmer alternative punk band playing in Phmon Penh.

After storming through 'Perfect', 'No Care Where We Belong', 'Would You Do Or Let It Go'' 'Love Comes Around' and 'Addicted' - the majority of the Sharky crowd were up there 'dancing, rocking and even pogo-ing' to the 'hundred-mile-an-hour' guitar sound that is 'Anti-Fate' !

It was only fitting therefore, that the 'final encore' could only be a 'Green Day' cover. And the crowd lapped it up 'as they sang and cheered along' to the timeless 'anti-teenage' rock classic - 'American Idiot' !

A fine performance from 'Anti-Fate' and a special mention goes out to powerhouse drummer (Jino) for a 'fine stint' back there on the 'skins.'

Judging by the chorus of approval from the Sharky crowd - we'll hopefully be seeing this great young band back very soon!

Ps. Move over 'Billie Joe Armstrong' your time is up !

After a brief interlude for a cold beer and a quick 'sweaty wipe-down.' The near capacity Sharky crowd 'thronged' the stage in eager anticipation of the next band. The 'one and only' Sliten6xi !

If 'headbanging' and 'dark, grinding, satanic, loud' guitar playing is your thing - then these guyz are for you.

A sort of cross between 'Slipknot' and 'Metallica' these young khmer metalcore enthusiasts are nothing but the 'real deal.'

'Annihilate The Meth' and 'Failure Of Humanity' were just 'two' of their songs that they belted out with near, raw metalcore precision.

With Veasna (Lead Guitar) and Nu (Rhythmn) pounding out the heavy laden guitar riffs. The sound of the 'axemen' was perfectly underwritten by the thumping bass-lines of Billie Supertramp and the manic drumming of the always energetic Alan Madness !

However, all great rock bands are known not only for their guitar heroes but also for their singers - and in lead vocalist 'Misfit' (yes that's his name!) they have the perfect front-man !

From the opening screams on 'Unmasked' to the final number 'Built For Hatred' - this young singer is the vocal equivalent of a 'Texas-Chain-Saw' searing it's way through the entire American Pennisula !

If singing 'starts in your boots' then young 'Misfit' is a perfect example of drawing all of your energy from within and jettisoning your 'vocal projectile' over a defenceless but mesmerised audiance.

Like a musical 'turbo' jet that has just flown into your living room and unwillingly 'sucked you up' into some dark, but distant gothic musical underworld - well, this is Misfit - and this is Sliten6xi !

Not for the fainthearted - but for lovers of the 'headbangers fraternity' - absolutely f*****g great !

A great performance from this young band - and we all look forward to seeing Sliten6ix back playing VERY soon at Phnom Penh's Number One Music Venue ! Sharky Bar !

Ps. Did i mention 'Cambo Headbangers 2' ? Saturday August 6th ! Don't miss it !
Thanks guyz, Great evening !

Dave The Punk !

Also, a special thanks to 2010 Cambodian Air Guitar Champion, David Flack for special guest performance to "Run to the Hills"

2011 Air Guitar Competition coming soon! Are you cambodia's next top Air Guitar Champion?

a BIG BIG Thank You to the Cambo Headbangers for a great night at Sharky's


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