Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sharky Annual Beerfest: June 11, 2011

'Beerfest' was the 'Theme' at Sharky Bar on Saturday Night and with 'The Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra' adding it's own brand of 'musical intoxication' to the mix - it was the perfect excuse to have fun night out !

In between the 'beer games' and 'the heavy rock playlist' which is the 'norm' at Sharky Bar, 'The Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra' strangely enough, didn't 'look out-of-place' as they entertained everyone with their very own brand of musical genius.

With their 'up-tempo' danceable 'polka-type-music' providing the perfect backdrop, it wasn't long before members of the Sharky crowd were 'up' on the makeshift-dance floor 'clicking their fingers' and 'kicking out their legs' in every dance style known to man !

Wasn't quite sure if it was the Bohemian, Cossack, Greek or Bavarian style of dance - but whatever they were doing - it was one of those nights! And everyone was loving it !

If Matthias (violin virtuso and orchestra leader) is the inspiration, then Sergej (on Balalailla) is the flamboyant entertainer!

Some of his Russian 'dancing' and energetic playing were of the highest notch - and even the shyest of people couldn't help but 'join in' and 'clap their hands' when this guy performs !

Not to be outdone Jonathan (on trombone) really likes to swing - and some of his 'on-stage-moves' would probably qualify him for the next round of television's 'Dance With The Stars !'

David on bass is a good mover too - and some of the 'interplay' between him, Giacomo and Ali upfront on the 'knee-drum and accordion' were quite absorbing !

So, if it's the 'Ku Ku' you like - or 'Le Walz' or the 'Schlittenfahrt Nach St. Petersburg' or the 'Titanic Polka' - or just the 'Floral Dance' - then these guyz are the 'ones' for you !

Truly an 'international act' and hailing from all parts of the world (ie. and/in no particular order); Germany (Matthias/Violin/and Founder of PPHO), New Zealand (Dave/Bass and Jonathan/Trombone), England (Andy/Guitar), Italy (Giacomo/Accordion), France (Ali), Russia (Sergej/Balalailla), USA (Roger/Mandoline) and 'last but not least' Cambodia (Samnang/Violin and Bunhong/Clarinet).

There was still time for the 'final gem' of an encore and that was a cover by the band of the traditional Cambodian love song 'Tam Eouy Tam.'

Featuring our very own 'Lida' (Sharky Bar Captain) on guest vocals - and Bunhong (PPHO) on twin vocals - the suprisingly quaint little ditty - was only surpassed by the 'roar' and 'cheering' from the enthralled Sharky audiance and Sharky Bar Staff ! Magic !

The rendition was 'so good' that Matthias and his crew 'had to do' it all again - and they duly obliged. But this time with Sophea (Sharky Staff Member) as female vocalist - and would you believe Veasna (Guitar player from Deathcore Metal band Sliten6ix) as the romantic male lead.

I kid you not !

Great stuff ! Not a 'dry eye in the house' and beaming faces all round !

A big, big thanx to all the members of the Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra - for a fantastic night - and a truly magical performance !

Maybe no 'dancing bears' this time round - but with Sergej - you never quite know !

Great night. Thanx again!

Dave The Punk

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