Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

18 june, 2011: Saturday Night saw the return of ' Lost Highway'

Saturday Night saw the return of ' Lost Highway' to Sharky Bar with their own particular brand of Classic Rock N Roll.

A ten-minute version of CCR's 'Green River' set the ball rolling with some very good 'John Forgerty-esque' vocals from Tommy on the drums.

With the rest of the band (Kenny/Guitar/Vocals + Chris/Bass) now in full throttle - the band effortlessly breezed through their vast repertoire of Classic Rock songs.

'Not Fade Away' , 'Cocaine' , 'Hey Joe' , 'Mona' and 'Crossroads' - just a few of the great songs covered.

However, my personal favourite, was 'The Johnny Kidd & The Pirates' timeless classic 'Shaking All Over.' Kenny's haunting guitar on this song very much reminiscent of the great Peter Green.

After a short break, the band continued with their unmistakable sound that is uniquely Lost Highway.

Ian The Punk even joined in 'donning a hat' and singing a rasping bluesy version of 'Red House.'

It was seemingly 'all over' before it had started and the band closed with rock versions of 'Woolly Bully' and 'Shake Rattle & Roll.'

Probably not the greatest performance from Lost Highway seen at Sharky's but a 'work-like man performance' all the same.

We hope to see Kenny, Chris and Tommy back very soon at Sharky Bar - ' The Number One Music Venue in Phnom Penh. '

Cheerz Guyz - Dave The Punk

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