Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friday June 24, 2011: Cartoon Emo Live!

Friday June 24, 2011: Cartoon Emo Live!

Last night 'Sharky Bar & Restaurant' in conjunction with ' SVANG DARA ENTERTAINMENT ' presented the Number One Rock Band in Cambodia - 'Cartoon Emo' !

And 'hell' these guyz did not disappoint !

From the 'Orchestrated Synthesized Intro - Cartoon Emo ' the band jettisoned into 'Som Pel Thae Khluan Eng' like some demented rock demons from another planet !

They didn't stop there. What followed was a 'rollercoaster juggernaut of a ride' that showcased the very best of heavy thrashing Khmer Rock !

'Burn The World' , ' We Can Do' and ' Yes Cartoon' were just a few of the songs that pulverised the Sharky audience into complete and utter metal submission.

The 'banging of heads' and the Ronnie James Dio signature 'V-sign' were the 'norm' as the crowd responded in kind to the heavy manic guitar riffs of axe-men Dan and Noly. Superb !

New member Din was electrifying on his thumping 'six-string bass' - while drummer 'Mr. La' virtually stole the show with a great 'improvised drum solo' that was one of the 'best' seen yet at Sharky's ! Great stuff !

Not to be outdone, singer 'Boy' is quite truly mesmirising . A sort of human mutation caught between Marilyn Mansun, Alice Cooper and a ' Cuddly Chinchilla ' - his stage theatrics and presence make him a brilliant front-man.

His rasping vocals - obviously trained by spending many hours gargling coarse gravel - were the perfect foil to the heavy
guitar licks of his sparring buddies on either side.

The closing tracks 'Happy Birthday Samantha' and 'Thghay Piseh Mea Men Bong' were the perfect climax to a great rock n roll show by these truly gifted young musicians !

If you have never seen a Khmer Rock Band, or indeed never heard one - then start with 'Cartoon Emo.' They are for sure, the Number One Rock Band in Cambodia ! They are going to be massive !

We applaud 'SVANG DARA ENTERTAINMENT' for helping us co- promote ' Cartoon Emo' at Sharky Bar & Restaurant - and also thank them for providing a 'kick-ass' sound system that truly rocked Sharky's to it's monumental foundations !

A big, big thanx to Virak, Cartoon Emo and all his production team for a great night's entertainment - all at Sharky Bar & Restuarant - the Longest Running Rock N Roll Bar in Indo-China !

Great night - and probably the loudest decibels ever heard at Sharky's ! (I'm sure our neighbours would agree on that !)

Over and Out !

Dave The Punk

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