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Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 3, 2011: Captain Jack Live @ Sharky's

Sharky Bar's 'Rock N Roll Weekend' kicked-off fine style 'Friday Night' with the return of the ever-popular Rolling Stones Tribute Band 'Captain Jack'!

From JJ's opening guitar licks on 'Start Me Up' - the band proceeded to give a virtuoso performance of some of 'Jagger/Richard' finest, dare-say 'meanest' songs.

By time they reached their third number 'It's Only Rock N Roll' - the band were clearly in the mood to have a good time - and things just got better!

Any band that plays 'Undercover Of The Night' (one of my personal favourites) is just 'fine' by me.

I even found myself harking back to when the original 'video' was first made of that song and remembered how it was banned for graphic content on mainstream tv.

But that's the 'thing' with 'Captain Jack' they take you back to 'where you were' or 'what you were doing' when all these great songs first came out.

Surely, no finer testament can be said of a Rolling Stones tribute band than to play their 'Rocks Off' - and give you the musical rollercoaster ride that is undeniably - Keith Richard, Mick Jagger.

With James and Karen on top-form 'out-front' in the vocals department - the band went on and probably delivered their best ever set at Sharky's.

Indeed, Karen's rasping-gritty vocals, brought a 'whiskey-laden edge' to some of Jagger's lyrics - which complimented perfectly with the fine interplayy of JJ and Steve Goodman's accomplished guitar playing. Great stuff!

Not to be outdone - Tim on bass (fretless or not) along with drummer Dylan - provided the 'musical engine' that kept the whole 'thing' together.

Last but not least James, gave his usual high-energy performance, displaying some 'fine musical touches' on ukulele, harmonica and backing-vocals. Highly entertaining!

'Sympathy For The Devil', 'Tumblin Dice' and 'Get Off My Cloud' were just a few of the great Stone's songs belted out - much to the delight of the enthusiastic (by this time) dancing Sharky crowd!

After a stormer of a 'second-set' what better way to finish than 'play out' your 'encore' with great version of the classic song - 'Captain Jack Flash'!

Enough said!

A brilliant night, a brilliant performance and a brilliant return to Sharky's by JJ, Tim, Karen and the rest of the boyz!

It's 'Only Rock N Roll - But I Like It'

Over and Out!

Dave The Punk !

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