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Sharky Bar & Restaurant

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big Time Live @ Sharky's: June 4, 2011

Sharky's 'Rock N Roll Weekend' continued 'Saturday Night' with Big Time (ex-Music Buddies) up from Sihanoukville treading the holy boards of Phnom Penh's 'Number One' Music Venue.'

With a couple 'line-up' changes from last time-out in the capital, the 'three-piece' were out to impress - and impress they did - Big Time!

If 'Classic Rock' is your thing then catch these guyz -they are certainly 'masters of their chosen craft.'

From the 'opening' number to the 'last' - the band effortlessly slid through their well organised and excellent 'set-list' without seemingly 'breaking into a sweat.'

One minute Michelle (Lead Guitarist) is playing Gary Moore 'Still Got The Blues', the next he's playing Santana's 'Black Magic Woman' - and the next it's Dave Gilmour and Pink Floyd's 'Money.'

And if that 'assortment of guitar-heroes' doesn't grab yer' - then what about a bit of Hendrix 'Purple Haze', Jimmy Page 'Rock N Roll' or even Angus 'AC/DC'.

Yes, Michelle plays the lot! Quite Amazing! And a really cool guy too!

Not to be outdone - Vocalist/Drummer (David) is also a great muscian, if not the inspiration behind the band that is 'Big Time.'

His timing and 'licks' are quite impeccable - while his singing is pretty good too!

Anybody who has the range to do 'The Police', 'James Brown' and 'Prince' - as well as everything from 'Hotel California' to Stephen Tyler's 'Walk This Way' - gets my 'singing vote' any day of the week!

Quite astonishing! And again everthing done so professionally!

Great 'chops' from our very own Cambodian Idol!

The 'newest' member of the band is bassist Yann (previoulsy of French punk rock/pop band At Robieb).

With more 'effects pedals' than 'The Teaner Terners' Yann is also no slouch in the musical department.

His bass playing was of the highest order - and he also found time to sing the lead vocals on Deep Purple's 'Smoke On The Water.'

The 'Gillan-esque' scream half-way through the song - a dead-give-away that i think he like's to sing this song!

The Sharky crowd were also in fine fettle throughout the evening - and could be seen 'singing-along' to virtually every song.

We also had our usual array of tambourine players - that included our resident 'nutty but beautiful one' (Ross's words not mine), a very attractive lady-boy with big maraccas - and a 'back to the audiance rendition' from our very own Aussie 'JD' - Nice one Cobber !

Kiwi Luke was also in good form and ended-up being 'hand-cuffed' to one of the tambourine players by the Sharky Staff - only for Security to lose the key!

However, after a 'short but brief visit' to the local cop-shop - the 'loving couple' were untangled - and soon returned to the scene of the crime ! All in best possible taste - of course!

Shenanighans apart, it was a 'complete performance' from classic rockers 'Big Time'!

The AC/DC covers of ' Whole Lotta Rosie'
and 'Highway To Hell' a perfect way to end the evening!

These guyz don't play Phnom Penh that often - so it was a real treat to have 'Big Time' down and play at Sharky's.

A big, big thank you to David, Michelle and Yann for a great night's entertainment!

Rock on bros - and hopefully see you back soon!

Thanx - Dave The Punk

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