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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011: Holliday in Cambodia, The Jameson brothers & Arthur Agas

Saturday, June 25, 2011: Holliday in Cambodia, The Jameson brothers & Arthur Agas

After the heavy metal furore of the previous night with Khmer Rockers 'Cartoon Emo' - some kind of normality was returned to Sharky Bar and Restaurant - with 'Holliday In Cambodia' returning with their 'up-tempo' renditions of acoustic pop/rock/indie covers .

With 'acoustic music ' the prevailing 'theme ' and not a electric guitar in sight - Sharky Bar duly obliged with 'not one but three acoustic acts' for the night's entertainment .

First 'up' was newcomer and soloist 'Arfur 'Aggis from Scotland !

'Flown-in' at great expense all the way from 'The Cavern' (that's St. 104 not Liverpool !) 'Arfur took centre stage to face his very own army of private-hecklers ('shipped-in' by the Sharky Management Team - at no 'additional cost' of course !)

However, 'Arfur was good enough to 'rise -above' the good natured banter and impressed everyone with his 'short but eclectic' set of acoustic rock covers.

Thanx 'Arfur 'Aggis. A true 'professional' in every sense of the word !

Next up and continuing the 'Celtic ' theme was 'The Jameson Brothers.'

If you have never seen these guyz your really missing out. Mick and Gerry are great artists and perform 'Irish Music' just like it should be.

Great vocals, plenty of foot tapping 'sing-a-longs' and of course, everything done 'tongue-firmly-in-cheek !' A 'Pub With No Beer' - never when these guyz are around !

Great stuff from the 'Jameson Brothers' and a big, big thank you from myself, Ross and Packo for helping us out once again !

'Top of the Morning to Ye Boyz !'

Next-up and 'limbering-up' behind the towers of Anchor beer - were 'Holliday In Cambodia' - waiting patiently for the 'knock-out' punch - they duly obliged.

A 'two-and-a-half' marathon 'non-stop' acoustic set followed covering some of the greatest rock, pop, classic songs ever recorded.

It's sometimes difficult to comprehend that when these guyz are playing, they are down to the bare-bones (ie. couple of acoustic guitars), but their sound is 'so-tight' that they reverberate as if they are a 'full-on' electrified band. Amazing !

Furthermore, any lack of 'amplification' is 'barely-noticed' as their quartet of vocalists rise 'well-above' their acoustic arrangements - so much so, that even Randy Jackson would 'sit-up' and take notice !

However, special mention must go to the 'two-front line vocalists' Alistair and Lynsey. If Alistair is the entertainer - then Lynsey is the 'songbird.' She is 'one truly great singer' and the perfect focus for this great band.

Did we mention the Bongo's ? Well it was Justin's first gig and the young man certainly did his bit to help 'enhance' the sound ! Well done mate !

Yes a great night - and surprisingly when 'Holliday In Cambodia' are playing - there is not a shoe or stiletto in sight - just barefeet and flip-flops !

Maybe they should be called 'Holliday In Sihanoukville' instead ! Just a thought fellaz ?

Joking apart, a big, big thanx to John, Damien and the rest of the gang for a great night out - courtesy of 'Holliday In Cambodia' !

See you all very soon at Sharky Bar and Restuarant - the Number One Music Venue in Phnom Penh !

Dave The Punk

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